Our PerformaBuilt Limited Warranty is for a period of two years on the transmission when bought with a torque converter and one year on transmissions purchased without a torque converter. Warranty period begins upon delivery notification from the shipper. As far as we know, this is the longest and most comprehensive warranty in the performance transmission industry.

Warranty is limited to repair or replacement of the item at our discretion. Warranty repairs will be handled on a priority basis. We do not ship replacement units until we receive the failed unit. We are not responsible for any installation costs, fluid, loss of transportation, or ANY costs or expenses beyond those specifically stated herein. Any disassembly of the item without prior approval from PerformaBuilt will result in immediate termination of the warranty and will result in forfeiture of all rights of the customer under the warranty. This does not include changing the filter and fluid as long as the correct filter for the application is used. Warranty is non-transferable except in rare instances where Pre-Approved by PerformaBuilt or if resold by a PerformaBuilt partner or members of its dealer network. If any other entity attempts to sell you a PerformaBuilt product and does not have a PerformaBuilt dealer card, do not purchase the item until first speaking with PerformaBuilt to verify this permission. We do not support products resold by anyone other than an authorized PerformaBuilt dealer.

PerformaBuilt bears no responsibility for damage resulting from failure to maintain adequate lubrication to the transmission, or for any damage resulting from improper installation of the transmission. All transmission coolers must be properly flushed and cleaned prior to installation of the transmission.

All returns under this warranty must be Pre-Approved by PerformaBuilt. There are no other warranties either specific or implied. The buyer is responsible for inbound shipping to PerformaBuilt. PerformaBuilt will under no circumstance pay any labor fees or charges made by any other entity without our express approval which must be requested and approved by email info@performabuilt.com before the work is performed.

Under no circumstance shall PerformaBuilt bear any financial responsibility in excess of the original purchase price nor will we refund any amount exceeding the original purchase price. Under no circumstance shall PerformaBuilt be liable or obliged to pay any R&I cost, diagnostics, labor, or any other consequential loss.

In purchasing this, or any product from us, you agree to these terms and conditions without recourse. In addition, disassembly of the unit in any manor without consent of PerformaBuilt in writing by email will void your warranty and all rights to any repair or other compensation. PerformaBuilt may, at times, elect to do things that exceed the scope of this agreement or alter its context reasonably. This in no way changes the obligation or limitations of this agreement. Our warranty is very simple. We repair or replace the product.

Thank you and we hope your experience with us is a pleasant one. Excellent customer service is a priority with us. Please take a moment to check out our FAQ page before calling. Many answers are already there.

Our goal is 100% CUSTOMER SATISFACTION. Our staff will work diligently to resolve any problems as quickly as possible. You need only contact us to take advantage of our technical expertise. Many minor issues can be resolved over the phone with minimal inconvenience.

Special notes concerning warranty returns:

Customer is responsible for inbound shipping charges to PerformaBuilt. Transmissions must be drained fully. Failure to do so will result in the transmission being stopped in shipment and a possible fine. You must box the unit adequately to avoid damage to the unit and you must insure the unit. If you would like instructions on how to box the unit for shipment please feel free to contact us.

In the event that some unforeseen circumstance occurs where any product is returned for a refund, for any reason, there will be a 15 percent restocking fee assessed plus all shipping charges will be the responsibility of the customer.

Notes for warranty shipment:

Unit must be drained and the pan filled with paper towels. Units must be sealed in a heavy duty plastic bag and placed in a suitable container for shipping; or original box or something that will serve a similar function and protect the unit from damage.

Failure to do any of these could result in the unit either being damaged or stuck in shipment, which will be your responsibility to retrieve or handle damages.

Do not attempt to ship a converter with the transmission. This will result in the transmission becoming stopped in shipment. All converter issues must be handled through the original manufacturer.