PerformaBuilt is staffed by the best people in the industry; experienced, dedicated, hard-working Americans. Over the years, we’ve built thousands of high-performance transmissions and shipped them to satisfied customers all over the world. We take a great deal of pride in our reputation and in the quality of our work.

Our high performance PerformaBuilt transmissions were developed based on years of “in the trenches” research and development. We are “car guys”! We want to build transmissions that can stand up to whatever abuse you can throw at them. By applying our combined knowledge, and employing some American ingenuity, we are able to eliminate the problems that some transmissions routinely face, and correct the flaws that exist in OEM versions. We don’t just rebuild transmissions or install a simple high performance kit. Instead, we methodically re-engineer our transmissions to eliminate all weaknesses.

All units are subjected to numerous tests during the various stages of the rebuild process including a half hour each on our custom dyno. We run it through all the shifts up and down… from a cold start, and repeat the entire test procedure after the unit is at normal operating temperature. Then we remove the unit from the dyno and test each of the solenoids and switches to verify they are still in range when hot.

Our mission is to be the world’s most progressive transmission company. Our focus has always been CONTINUING IMPROVEMENT through research and development. We periodically substitute components of equal or higher quality in our build process in pursuit of the that objective. We incorporate new technology and upgrades into our transmissions on an ongoing basis. We’re confident that you will not find a better, stronger transmission on the market today. We believe that we engineer and build the best transmissions in the world and we would be honored if you would allow us to be your transmission supplier.