Shipping Address

PerformaBuilt Transmissions
353 Tenny St.
Bloomsburg, PA  17815



Regrettably, PerformaBuilt is no longer able to facilitate inbound shipping. We had issues with customers failing to drain their transmissions or not packing correctly to the point that UPS threatened to stop accepting our shipments altogether.

While we cannot offer any assistance for inbound shipping, we can tell you how to properly pack your transmission or core so it does arrive at PerformaBuilt. Bear in mind, an improperly drained or packaged unit will be stopped in transit if it leaks onto other parcels in the UPS truck. That means that someone has to travel to the UPS center, where the package is stopped, and pick it up… and PerformaBuilt does not provide that service. It is the customer’s responsibility to get the transmission to PerformaBuilt.

Packing instructions:

  1. Drain the transmission COMPLETELY. You should even stand it on end over a bucket for several hours to get all the fluids out of the unit.
  2. Remove all mounts, brackets and linkages.
  3. Remove the bell housing (if removeable).
  4. Bag it in several heavy trash bags; and use packing or duck tape to seal the bags.
  5. Get a container strong enough to handle the weight of the transmission, and will not break under extreme shipping conditions. Contico makes a large, hard, black plastic box that will stand the stress better than most. It is available at Walmart and other home stores like Home Depot or Lowe’s.
  6. Pack the transmission TIGHTLY. Any movement can break the box apart or damage it to the point of leaking, and from transiting to its destination.
  7. Close the box and make sure it cannot come open. Tape it, band it, zip tie it (if it has corner latch holes for locks) … just make sure it won’t open.
  8. Do NOT use packing peanuts or loose packing materials. The box will fail.
  9. Make sure the package is INSURED. If it is lost or stolen, you will not be reimbursed otherwise. If it is a core, you can insure the core for the core’s value. If you are sending your transmission back to be Restored, insure it for the price of a new PerformaBuilt unit because that is the value of the transmission if they lose it. We cannot supply you with a new replacement transmission for the Restore price.

These instructions may seem excessive, but we assure you that your transmission will NOT be handled gently. It will be abused at every handling point. These instructions are meant to minimize the likelihood that your transmission will not get to us; and it is NOT PerformaBuilt’s responsibility if it does not.




All packages are insured for their full value by PerformaBuilt when they are shipped. Due to the weight involved, most of our boxes are bashed around during shipping and may show signs of rough handling. Before refusing a package, open it and inspect the transmission. If you find any damage to the transmission itself, call us IMMEDIATELY. We will have the package picked up and brought back to our facility. We will deal with the shipper at that time.

All our transmissions are shipped “signature required.” Someone must be at the shipping address to sign for the package, or you must make your own arrangements to pick it up at your local UPS facility.