PerformaBuilt Transmissions Holiday Transmission Giveaway

It’s that time of year again. As our way of thanking you for your support this year PerformaBuilt Transmissions is having a Holiday Transmission Giveaway.

Each week, beginning October 15, 2018 and going through December 22, 2018 all customers who buy a transmission will go into a weekly drawing.

The weekly winners will go into the final drawing to be held on December 23, 2018. The winner of that drawing will receive the full price of their transmission refunded and the remaining weekly winners will receive $100 refunds.

The weekly and final drawing winner will be posted on our website, as well our Facebook page, and in the forums we participate in.


Week #1:     J. Davis of San Diego, CA

Week #2:     Chris K. of Scotts, MI

Week #3:    Jessie P. of Mahomet, IL

Week #4:    Nathan P. of Springfield, OR

Week #5:    Garrison O. of Lacey, WA

Week #6:    Eric T. of Kaysville, UT

Week #7:    Cristian F. of Phoenix, AZ

Week #8:    Dallas K. of Otwell, IN

Week #9:    David P. of Milford, VA

Week #10:  Justin S. of West Palm Beach, FL

FINAL DRAWING WINNER:    Congratulations to Garrison O. of Lacey, Washington. You are the PerformaBuilt Transmissions Holiday Transmission Giveaway Winner!