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The PerformaBuilt Mud and Rocks Crawler series AOD, AODE and 4R70W

These three transmissions have been consolidated into this page since, from a technical standpoint, they are similar in design and performance upgrades. We are confident that these are the best performing Ford transmissions you will find anywhere!

FROM THE BEGINNING: Only the latest model and cleanest cores are chosen for use in building each of these transmissions. We disassemble each core and carefully inspect all the hard parts for wear and damage, discarding any part that does not meet our specifications. We then clean every part in our high pressure cleaning system. The case is then removed, rinsed and heated before special high-temp paint is applied. This provides a hard, durable, long-wearing finish. The case is re-inspected for cracks and warping to insure all sealing surfaces are true.

THE PLANETARIES, BEARINGS, WASHERS AND BUSHINGS: These parts are carefully inspected and replaced as required. The planetaries are machined to improve lubrication and increase cooling and overall durability.

THE 3-4 CLUTCH SET & DRUM: As we begin the assembly of the unit, we first replace the sealing rings on the output shaft for the direct clutch with super-sealing, one-piece rings; replacing the scarf cut and improving the sealing and pressure available to this clutch drum. In addition, we replace the seals in this drum with high-temp heavy duty seals and carefully assemble the piston into this drum. We use the high energy 3-4 clutch set.

THE MANUAL LOW AND REVERSE BAND: This band and new low servo piston is installed. Then band clearance and application are both checked for proper operation.

THE PLANETARY SET: The planetary is again inspected and a roller sprag is installed. Its function and clearances are checked, and proper hold of the sprag assembly is verified, since this sprag (roller clutch) must withstand the full power of your vehicle at all times. This is a critical area in these transmissions.

THE CENTER SUPPORT: This component is now inspected for warping or damage and installed into the case. We use the heavy anti-clunk spring and snap ring to keep it in place and avoid impact damage to the case.

THE SUN GEAR AND SHELL: These are installed next. The sun gear is machined to provide additional lubrication and cooling to the planetary assembly. The sun shell we use is the later design, which allows the use of the late drum in order to accommodate the wide band. The backlash is then checked to assure it meets our specifications.

THE FORWARD (REAR DRIVE CLUTCH): This drum and the pressed input shaft are now inspected for damage and the seals are replaced. New heavy duty frictions and steels are installed. We do not remove the waved cushion plate from this drum as some others do. Removing it will cause a slam into gear from park or neutral, placing unnecessary stress on the gear train.

THE REVERSE INPUT (FORTH GEAR BAND): This drum is inspected, resealed, and new frictions and steels installed. We only use the late style 4R70W drum with the nearly indestructible mechanical diode sprag assembly and the "swirl" type retaining ring. This is done to prevent high rpm spin-off and sprag explosion on performance second gear shifts.

THE BAND AND OVERDRIVE SERVO: These are two normally weak areas in the AODE AND 4R70W units. We replace the servo assembly with a new heavy duty Ford unit, and we upgrade the band to an Alto Performance 4th gear band.

INTERMEDIATE (SECOND CLUTCH): Heavy Duty frictions and steels are installed here. Clearance is checked with the pump installed, and selective steels are used to set the clearance for maximum "apply".

THE PUMP: This is the heart of any automatic transmission. With this in mind, we carefully inspect the bushings, gears and sealing rings and all are replaced as needed. All wearable and rubber parts are replaced. Gear clearance is checked to assure maximum volume and pressure, and the pump is installed into the case.

THE VALVE BODY: This is the hydraulic control center of the transmission. It is carefully inspected and our PerformaBuilt Performance Shift Kit is installed. This shift kit provides performance shifts while retaining some of its manors for normal driving. In the kit, we also improve such issues as lubrication and lock-up application with the AODE and 4R70W. This kit will provide firm shifts at lighter throttles and increase to "neck-snapping" when at WOT.

Parts used in the build of this unit:

1. Heavy Duty/Performance master kit with new frictions, steels, seals and sealing rings

2. New low reverse servo and cover.

3. New overdrive apply servo

4. Updated accumulators

5. New heavy duty Overdrive (4th) gear band.

6. Low reverse band

7. Bushings

8. PerfomaBuilt Performance Shift Kit

9. New Performance transmission filter

10. Solenoids

11. Spiral retainer ring for intermediate sprag

12. Heavy duty intermediate sprag

13. High energy friction 3-4 set for towing and hauling

14. Heavy Duty low stall torque converter included.

This is not a complete list of everything used, just the major components of the build There you have it... the PerformaBuilt heavy hauler Series Ford transmission. These units are capable of taking a beating, and they come with a full 1 year warranty. This unit comes with a Heavy duty low stall torque converter. Prices include shipping within the mainland United States. Please contact us for shipping outside the USA and we will get you pricing.

AODE AOD, AODE, 4R70W Transmissions


u $2795.00

AOD, 4R70W

u $2795.00

If you have any questions feel free to give us a call 1-888-744-6542

Or for online chat: K

The more we know about your needs, the better we can match you with the right transmission.

NOTE: All units are available in either 2wd or 4x4. If you have a special application requiring a special adapter or output shaft, please contact us and we will be happy to provide it and quote a price for your special application.

NOTE: Units do not come with tail housing and please specify number of teeth on output shaft where applicable

NOTE: On The AODE and 4R70W units please specify engine size and number of bolts retaining the starter. On the mod motors need to know if HIGH OUTPUT or not.

NOTE: While linkage will be supplied with the unit we cannot guarantee it will be correct for your application. It may be nessesary for you to swap the linkage from your old unit to the new one for proper geometry. Unfortunatley since ford used so many different types and do not service them we cannot supply the guaranteed correct linkage assembly.


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mudder mustang tow ford2

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